TK Gooey is a replacement shell or GUI (often pronounced "Gooey" thus the name) for Windows. TK Gooey is based on a centralized aesthetic whereby the interface consists of a simple circular menu, which allows access to the other functions of the interface. The simplicity of the design hopes to increase user productivity, while simultaneously providing something more attractive than the rather dull looking "Explorer".
Despite its name it is not a true GUI, at least in the system sense of the acronym. That is to say, TK Gooey does not control anything about Window appearance outside its own interface. This is currently outside the programmer's capability, and would probably require replacing the Windows common control set (which is probably not exactly legal, since it would most likely involve reverse engineering).
This program is written in VB, and therefore only runs on Windows systems. This is due to the developer's own misfortune of not starting out learning a real language. In the future, the developer, namely me, would like to port this application to C/C++ (especially for use on Unix systems), once my knowledge increases suffeciently to do so, or if the community wishes to assist in porting as well.
TK Gooey is released under the GPL , and therefore the source can be attained in the Download section.